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We are proud to offer the finest lighting systems from the following manufacturers:
• Alliance Outdoor Lighting

• Vista Professional Lighting
And many more!

S&B Lawn Service is one of Tampa Bay's leading providers of complete landscape lighting systems.


There are many functions of a landscape lighting system including added security to points of entry, showcasing your beautiful landscaping, and also creating more usable outdoor spaces so you can enjoy the exterior of your home not only in the day but also at night.


With the newer technology of LED systems you can add beauty and security to the landscaping of your home at a fraction of the cost of conventional systems.


LED systems have added savings on: Installation, Maintenance, and Energy Costs.


Let us show you how you can save $$$ without compromising the quality of your system!


Additionally, it's estimated that 75% or more of conventional lighting systems do not function properly. In most cases the systems have been poorly designed or are, in fact, in need of immediate repair. If you have a system that doesn't work properly or is in need of repair it can easily be upgraded to the newer LED technology.


Give us a call so we may evaluate your system and show you how we can save you $$$!


And of course if you don't have an LED system we can install one for you!!!

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